Certificates: Maloritskij konservnoovoshchesushilnyj kombinat, OAO, Belarus, ALL.BIZ: Belarus
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Maloritskij konservnoovoshchesushilnyj kombinat, OAO
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Certificates Maloritskij konservnoovoshchesushilnyj kombinat, OAO

Since January 1, 2011 the combine started the production of canned food for baby food according to standards of the European Union: STB 2050-2010, STB 2051-2010, STB 2052-2010 which requirements for indicators of quality and safety are harmonized with the international standards. Due to the transition to new documents there was also a new group of canned food which is called "nectars". The strict quality control at all production phases exercised by the accredited laboratory acts on the enterprise. Semi-finished products and auxiliary materials are followed by qualitative certificates, declarations on compliance of the HARDWARE.

Since September, 2005 at the enterprise the control system of quality and safety acts on the basis of the principles of HACCP. In 2008 the quality management system of ISO 9001 is introduced.

In November, 2009 certification of quality management system with expansion of the SMK area on compliance to requirements of STB ISO 9001-2009 was carried out.


certificates Maloritskij konservnoovoshchesushilnyj kombinat, OAO Belarus, ALL.BIZ: Belarus